December 2012 Bulletin


Bulletin Vol. V11 # 12                                         Date: December 1, 2012

The Mystery of Christmas

  “The Word became flesh and lived among us….” Is the expression of Incarnation by St.John (St.Jn.1, 14). God, taking the form of a human being, appeared in creation in such a way that men’s eyes could actually see Him. It is Christmas, the birth of Jesus. Simeon took the Child Jesus in his arms and praised God saying “….my eyes have seen your salvation of all people…a light to the gentiles…glory to Israel” (Lk. 2, 28-32). Here we see the purpose of the Incarnation of Jesus, the Son of God. When we analyze ‘The Word’, we find that it means Grace, Truth and Glory which are the characteristics of Jesus.

Grace: The Grace emphasizes the limitless kindness of God. People had thought of God in terms of might and majesty, power and judgment, but in Jesus men are confronted with sheer kindness of God. “I have come to call not the righteous, but sinners’’ (Mt. 9, 13).

Truth: Jesus is the embodiment of truth. He says “I am the truth” (Jn.14, 6). “The truth will make us free” (Jn.8, 32). Child is timid due to mistaken notions. When he is told the truth, he is freed from the fear. The truth which Jesus brings liberates us from estrangement from God; it liberates us from frustrations, fears and sufferings.

Glory: Jesus is the manifestation of God’s Glory. All his miracles tell about His glory and that He is the Son of God. The raising of Lazarus would undoubtedly enable men to see the glory of God in action (Jn.11, 4). “I glorified you on earth by finishing the work that you gave me to do” (Jn.17,4).

Let us pray: Your Birth, O Lord Jesus, is the source of Grace, Truth and Glory for a new spirit and new life. May your Birth bless us to live in that new life today and for ever.

Christmas Carol

December, 8: Saturday, in Little Flower Family Unit. After Holy Qurbana at 10.00 a.m.

December 14, Friday: in Sacred Heart Unit.

December 15, Saturday in Thirukkudumbam Family Unit.

December 15, Saturday in Marian Family Unit

December 15 Sat, 16 Sun., 23 Sun., in Divine Mercy Unit.

 December 15 Sat, in Infant Jesus Family Unit  

Nativity: Each family is expected to make a crib (Nativity Scene) at home; three of the best will be awarded.

Youth Activities

  1. Collection of “Winter Coats”.
  2. Secret Santa Program. The parents please take care of the gifts which can be of the price range between $10 - $15. For more details, kindly contact Sajith at 781-788-0259.


Congratulations and Best Wishes to the newly elected Presidents and Secretaries.

Units                  Presidents                Secretaries

1. Little Flower            Thomas Paduthuruthy                  Tresa Don

2. Thirukkudumbam           Biju Thoombil                         Christina

3. Divine Mercy                   Anto P Kurian                        Arppana

4. Marian                           Jeffy Joseph                             Tharuni

5. Sacred Heart                  Sunny Scaria                       Newzeena

6. Infant Jesus                     Jiffy Thomas                          Ashey                                                               


Liturgical Schedule (Seasons of Annunciation – Nativity))

Dec. 7, Fri : First Friday of the month. H.Qurbana & Adoration at 7.00 p.m.

Dec. 8, Sat : 1. Feast of Immaculate Conception of Our Lady. H.Qurbana & Novena at 10.00 a.m.

                     2. Christmas Carol in Little Flower Unit.

Dec. 9, Sun: Second Sunday of Annunciation / Assignments by  Paul Ignatius & Family

  1. Malayalam Qurbana & CCD at 10.00 a.m./ 2. English Qurbana at 11.30 a.m.
  2. DPD Foundation Kickoff & Lunch at 12.30 p.m. / 3. Parish Council Meeting

 3. Readings: First Reading: Is. 44, 1-8; Sec.Reading: Col. 6, 2-6; Gospel: Lk, 1, 26-38

Dec. 14, Fri: 1. H.Qurbana as usual at 9.00 a.m.

                  2. Christmas Carol in Sacred Heart Unit.

Dec.15, Sat: 1. H.Qurbana & Novena at 10.00 a.m.

   2.Christmas Carol in the following Prayer Units: Marian, Thirukudumbam, Divine Mercy& Infant Jesus .

Dec.16, Sun: Third Sunday of Annunciation / Assignments by Thirukkudumbam Units.

  1. Malayalam Qurbana & CCD 10.00 a.m. / 2.English Qurbana at 11.30 a.m.
  2. 40th Anniversary of the Priestly Ordination of Fr.Varghese (Dec.18). Lunch sponsored by VC.
  3. Christmas Carol in Divine Mercy Unit.
  4. Readings: First Reading: Gen.18, 1-10; Sec.Reading: Eph.3, 1-13; Gospel: Lk. 1, 57-66

Dec. 22, Sat:  1. H.Qurbana & Novena 10.00 a.m.  Day of Confession

Dec. 23, Sun: Fourth Sunday of Annunciation / Assignments by Divine Mercy Units.

  1. Only One Qurbana at 10.00 a.m. / NO CCD.
  2. Readings: First Reading: Gen.24, 50-67; Sec.Reading: Eph. 5, 5-21; Gospel: Mt. 1, 18-24

   3.  Day of Confession

Dec. 24, Mon: 1. Christmas Eve. Service of Nativity of our Lord and H.Qurbana at 7.00 p.m, followed by Christmas Celebration and Dinner.

2. Readings: First Reading: Is. 7, 10-16; Sec.Reading: Gal. 3, 15-25; Gospel: LK.2, 1-20

Dec. 25, Tue:  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Holy Qurbana at 10.00 a.m.

Dec.28, Fri: Holy Childhood Day (Blessing over Infants on Sunday)

Dec.30, Sun: 1.First Sunday of Nativity. Feast of Holy Family. NO CCD / H.Qurbana at 10.00 a.m.

2. Assignments by Marian Family Unit / Blessing over children

3.Readings: First Reading: 1, 26-28; Sec.Reading: Col. 3, 18-21; Gospel: Mt. 2, 13-14, 19-24

Dec.31, Mon: End of the Year. Prayer Service at 11.00 p.m., followed by H.Qurbana in NEW YEAR-2013