August 2015 Bulletin


“Mary's assumption is an event that concerns us because; every human being is destined to die. But death is not the last word. It is the passage to the eternal happiness in store for

those who toil for truth and justice and do their utmost to follow Christ" ~St John Paul II.


At baptism, we became members of the Body of Christ: Church. Through baptism, we participate in the sacramental life of the church and share the mission of Christ. We are meant to be the living sign of Christ's presence. The gifts of the H. Spirit are given to us at Sacrament of Confirmation, to strengthen us for leading a meaningful life. When we recognize the Holy Spirit in our lives,  It will inspire us to do many wonderful things, like works of charity and mercy; feeding the needy, sharing knowledge, forgiving those who hurt us and to be patient with others...


Prayer doesn't always change our situation, but prayer will change us always!


With loving regards,   


Fr. Mathew Pothalil V.C.


August Schedule

August 2, Sunday
Period of Kaitha,4th Sunday

10:00 am : Holy Qurbana

Unit Assignment: Divine Mercy

1st Reading:   Is. 9/ 13-21
2nd Reading:  2 Cor. 10/ 12-18
Gospel:           Matt./ 7/ 1-13

August 9, Sunday

Period of Kaitha, 5th Sunday

10:00 am : Holy Qurbana

Unit Assignment: St. Alphonsa

1st Reading:   Is. 28/ 14-22
2nd Reading:  2 Cor. 12/ 14-21
Gospel:           Lk. 16/ 19-31

August 15, Saturday

Feast of Assumption, of Mother Mary

Day of Obligation

Indian Independence Day

9:30 am : Holy Qurbana

Unit Assignment:

1st Reading:   Exo. 15/ 11-18
2nd Reading: Acts 1/ 6-14
Gospel:           Lk 11/ 27-28

August 16, Sunday

Period of Kaitha, 6th Sunday

10:00 am : Holy Qurbana

Unit Assignment: Thirukudumbam

1st Reading:   Is. 29/ 19-24
2nd Reading:  1 Thes 2/ 1-12
Gospel:           Lk. 17/ 11-19

August 21- 23, Marian Festival

Friday     5:30 p.m.

Saturday 9:45 am – 4:30 p.m.

Sunday    9:45 am  - 2:30  p.m.

August 30, Sunday

10:00 am : Holy Qurbana

Unit Assignment: Infant Jesus

1st Reading:   Is. 31/ 4-9
2nd Reading:  2 Thes. 1/ 3-10
Gospel:           Lk. 18/ 35-43



   Parish Council Meeting August 2 @ 11:45



Family Unit Prayer Meetings  


Sacred Heart      :     August 8,   Sudheesh & Shobha, 7:00 pm

Little Flower      :     August 8,   Saju & Shine,           5:30 pm

St. Alphonsa       :    August 29,  Joseph & Sini,            2:30 pm


Important Dates in August

Aug 6  : Transfiguration of Our Lord H. Qurbana @ 9.00 a.m.

Aug 15:  Feast of Assumption, of Mother Mary ( Day Of Obligation )

              Indian independence day

              Church Picnic , after Qurbana (9:30 am)

Aug 21 – Aug 23 : Marian Festival

Aug 28:  Friday, Feast of St. Augustine, H. Qurbana @ 9.00 a.m.

Aug 29: Saturday, Feast of St. Euphresia

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available at any time, please confirm with the vicar prior to your arrival