September 2015 Bulletin


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Website: Vicar: Fr. Matthew Pothalil V.C                 PARISH BULLETIN: September, 2015


Attitude of Gratitude will keep us at the Altitude as God. An attitude of thanksgiving can change our lives. It can change things like bitterness, self-pity, negativity, fear pride and selfishness. St. Paul exhorts,"In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ."(1 Thes.5/16-21). There are people at different levels of life. People in lowest level of living are constantly complaining .They grumble and are hateful. There are people never give thanks for anything. They take things for granted. Another type of people

may thank God for obvious blessings, when things are good and everything fine. There are people who give thanks always for all things. Whom do we follow?

Our gratitude must be proper, possible and pleasant. Thankful people are happy. The Holy Spirit is the substance, source and strength, enabling us to raise our hearts to God and fellowmen in gratitude.


Let the Holy Spirit fill your hearts with heavenly blessings.


With loving regards,   

Fr. Mathew Pothalil V.C.


September Schedule

Season of Eliya, Sleewa, Moses

September 6, Sunday



10:00 am : Holy Qurbana


Unit Assignment: Divine Mercy
1st Reading:   :Is.30/ 18-26
2nd Reading:  2 Thes.2/ 14-3:18
          Matt.13/ 1-9
September 13, Sunday
CCD @ 10.00 a.m.


10:00 am : Malayalam Qurbana

11:30 am : English Qurbana

Unit Assignment: Sacred Heart
1st Reading:   Is.32/ 1-8
2nd Reading:  Phil.1/ 12-25
          Matt.13/ 24-30


September 20, Sunday
CCD @ 10.00 a.m.


10:00 am : Malayalam Qurbana

11:30 am : English Qurbana

Unit Assignment: Marian

1st Reading:   Is. 33/ 13-24
2nd Reading: Phil 2/ 1-11
          Matt.4/ 12-17


September 27, Sunday

CCD @ 10.00 a.m.



10:00 am : Malayalam Qurbana

11:30 am : English Qurbana

Unit Assignment: St. Alphonsa

1st Reading:   Is. 25/1-8
2nd Reading:  Phil. 3/ 1-11
          Matt. 17/ 14-21

September 5, Holy Qurbana @ Nashua 5:45 pm

Family Unit Prayer Meetings     

Infant Jesus       :    September 12, Joshy & Smitha, 6:30 pm

Sacred Heart        :     September 18, Sunny & Tess, 7:00 pm

Divine Mercy     :    September 19,  Rajesh & Janet

Little Flower      :    September 19, Joseph & Vilbeena

Thirukkudumbam :  T.B.D, Benny & Laly

Marian               :    September 25, Paul & Dhanuja, 6:00 pm

St. Alphonsa       :     September 26,   Ajith , 2:30 pm




Important Dates in September

Sept 5:   Feast of Blessed Mother Teresa

Sept 8:   Solemnity-Birth of Mother Mary

Sept 27: Feast Of St Vincent de Paul

Sep 29:  Feast Of Angels Gabriel, Michael & Raphel



  • CCD starts September 13, please register at the earliest
  • September 12: Teacher’s Orientation Class & Safe environment training



  • SMCC Bharatanatyam Class start in September. Start date to be announced.
  • SMCC Malayalam Class starts September 13th, interested parents, please contact Depin Suja or Joseph Kunnel


Youth News

  • DYA Northeast End of Summer Picnic for youth in Wickham State Park, CT on Sept. 6th from 10am-3pm, followed by mass at 4pm.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available at any time, please confirm with the vicar prior to your arrival