As we are exercising caution in the reopening the church, we would encourage our Parishioners to follow the guidelines when you do plan to attend Qurbana in the church.



  • Please register at https: //forms. gle/29C65bjgZekkdywf8
  • Please include the exact count and names of the family members who plan to join the Qurbana.
  • A day before the Qurbana, you will receive a confirmation about your participation
  • We don’t encourage walk-ins for the Qurbana during this period, so please do register and share the exact name of the participants before coming to the Qurbana (We are to document all the participants of the events at the church)



  • Before entering the church, please wear your mask. You need to have masks at all time within the Church
  • Kids over 2 are recommended to have masks
  • Please enter the church only through the main entrance
  • All the doors and windows from the entrance to the Sanctum will be kept open for the duration of the Qurbana
  • We have placed auto dispensing hand-sanitizers in the main foyer of the church. Please apply first for you, before you help the young kids in sanitizing
  • Once inside the church, all paths are clearly marked


  • Please always wear your masks within the church
  • When giving “Peace” please do so from a distance
  • During Communion, please remain in your pews. Father will bring Communion to you
  • Please stand and receive the communion in your hands as Father comes to your pew



After the final blessing, please do remain in your pews for the Usher to guide you towards the exit

Please exit the church only through the door on the left of the church (by the Tabernacle) which leads directly to the parking lot

Please maintain 6 feet distance as you approach the exit. The stops are marked on the floor as guidance to maintain the distance


 The basement is closed for renovation so access to restrooms will be restricted. Restroom in the rectory is to be used

We hope that you all understand that in this time of the pandemic, we cannot socialize within the Church Buildings. Thankyou for your consideration 

References :

CDC Guidelines for Communities Of Faith : ncov/community/faith-based. html


Dear Parishioners,

Given that the spread of the virus is still a cause of concern and with the Federal Government direction to not have more than 10 people gather together, our Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath has asked all Parishes not to have Public Celebration of Holy Mass.

So we will not have Mass starting on Friday March 20, 2020 until further notice, at the Syro-Malabar Church, Boston.

We are live streaming Holy Qurbana on our YouTube Channel every Sunday at 10 AM and Fridays at 7 PM followed by Way of the Cross. We are requesting all to attend the Holy Qurbana through our YouTube Channel or through the website and TV channels shared to you ( EWTN (8:00 AM, 12 PM), Shalom TV (10:00 AM) or Catholic TV ( 10 AM, 4 PM, 7 PM) ).

We want our community to be safe and are hoping that all are taking adequate precautions. Please feel free to reach us at anytime for assistance.

You and your family is specially remembered at the Altar everyday



Updates to Church Activities in the month of March

  1. Starting 3/15/2020, there will only be one Holy Mass on Sundays at 10:00 AM

  2. No CCD Classes for this month

  3. All Prayer meetings have been suspended

  4. All weekday masses will continue to be held as scheduled at 7PM in the Rectory Chapel

  5. Way of the cross, every Friday will be continued as planned, post the Mass at 7 PM in the Church

  6. Bible Month programs have been postponed and the new dates will be announced later

  7. All practices and other activities associated with Bible Month has been suspended as well

  8. The Parish Retreat planned for the week of March 27th-29 stands cancelled

  9. St Joseph’s feast will be celebrated on March 22nd, with Holy Mass and Ladeenju, however to avoid gathering post the celebrations, we are planning not to serve any "Nercha" and "Food"

  10. All reservations and gatherings in the basement is being revoked until further notice



Precautionary Measures Being Implemented

The following measures are being implemented with immediate effect. This is in addition to all the measures implemented last Sunday (No Shaking of Hands, no contact while sharing peace and receiving Holy Communion in hand).

  • The main doors of the Church doors will remain open at the beginning and end of the Holy Mass on Sunday. Parish Ushers will ensure this

  • Parishioners are encouraged to use the same seat in the church during this period of emergency so as to avoid cross-contamination

  • After the Holy Mass, the facility will be cleaned by selected volunteers under the guidance of Jestin

  • Usage of Basement and access to the same will be restricted

  • Parishioners with flu or cold symptoms are advised to seek medical attention and self-quarantine along with his/her family and encouraged to attend Mass on TV or Online. Fr. Vicar is ready to bring Holy Communion to your family

  • Parishioners who have recently made International travels or have traveled to hot-spot areas are also advised to self-quarantine

  • Please do notify Fr. Vicar (334-427-5921) and/or the Parish Trustees if you are affected or have come in contact with any carriers of COVID-19



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